The Wave Juggle Club

Carlsbad Wave is excited to launch “ The Wave Juggle Club”

There are many positives associated with a players development from simply practicing juggling, the ABC”s (Agility, Balance, Coordination), ball control, confidence and many more.  All the top players in the World developed their touch through juggling. This new program will feature the top jugglers in the Club!

The milestones and age groups are listed below. 

Players are encouraged to practice at home and when they are ready to show off their skills, they simply arrange to have their coach present to witness their achievement. Once a milestone is reached, the player will be honored on the Club website and also receive a special Wave Juggle Club T-shirt!

And don’t forget to send in any videos the kids make of themselves juggling!

(U7 – U10)

Milestone 20 Milestone 40
 Tobey Sova BU8

(U11 – U18) 

50 100 250 500
 Julien Riffaud BU11 Joe Totoris BU11 Josh Drake BU11
 Nick Stevens BU11
 Max Palmatier BU11
Victor Zarate BU11
 DJ Young BU11
Adrian Zimmerman BU11Aidan Hallinan BU11