All games will be played by FIFA laws of the game, except as modified by USYSA and CYSA-S and/or clarified by these rules.

Field Marshals are located at each field.

Problems and rule interpretations must be referred to the Tournament Director through the Field Marshal.



Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their sidelines, including players, parents and friends.

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at game sites.

Smoking is not allowed on any CYSA-S gaming fields. (CYSA-S rule)

If a referee terminates a game due to misconduct of players or spectators, the offending team will forfeit. The offending player, spectator or team may be banned from further participation in the tournament.



No Friday night check in. Team Managers or Coaches must report to their field site’s Field Marshal registration table a minimum of one hour prior to their first scheduled game for team check-in. Failure to check in will result in automatic disqualification (without a refund of the fee) from the tournament. Games not played will be classified as “Forfeits”.


Current laminated USYSA player cards for 2012-13 or 2013-14 will be required of all players as proof of age and must be available for inspection at initial check-in and at the start of each game. USYSA Teams from outside CalSouth must also provide approved Travel Papers, which must include a roster listing all players authorized to travel by the team’s State Association. All Travel Papers must be submitted to the Tournament Director prior to check in. Any player not listed on the Travel Papers, including any amendments, properly executed by the team’s State Association will not be allowed to play in the tournament. Proper Player Loan Forms will be required at Registration along with other required credentials, as required by the team’s State Association. All teams must provide the USYSA Player I.D. Cards from the State Association listed on this application. We will also accept teams registering under the US Club Soccer banner. Player I.D. Cards from associations other than USYSA, AYSO or US Club Soccer will not be accepted. All cards must be from the same association, there will be no mixing of cards. Medical release forms will be required for all players at initial check-in. Teams will be required to keep medical releases on hand at all times.


The coach or team manager/administrator will be responsible for delivering signed game cards from the referee to the field marshal after the game.


U8-U10: Maximum of 14 players including up to 5 guest players.

U11-U19: Maximum of 18 players including up to 5 guest players.


All referees are “USSF-certified”

All pool play matches for U8-10 will have one referee.  Semi’s and finals will have 3 referees.

All games U11+ will have three assigned referees.

The referee has final say on safety of each player’s equipment, including shin guards and any type of cast or brace. Shin guards are mandatory.

After the start of a match, it will be the decision of the referee whether or not playing conditions are safe or not.


The HOME team is listed first on the game schedule.

The home team will provide a game ball. The game ball is subject to referee approval.

The home team will switch to an alternate jersey if the referee declares a color conflict.


Both teams will coach/play from the same side, and spectators will share the opposing sideline.

In all cases spectator and team seating will allow the referee’s assistants clear runs and views of all touch lines.

NO spectators behind the goals.

After your game has completed, please leave the sidelines immediately.


A player or coach receiving two yellow cards in one game equals one red card.

A player or coach given two yellow cards or one red card shall be expelled from the game, will not be replaced in that game and will not be permitted to play or coach in the next game, as a minimum. The Tournament Director reserves the right to give a further suspension as needed. Any adult or coach who is ejected must leave the facility containing the field of play completely.

Teams that are short a player(s) due to red card ejection will also play any overtime short a player(s).

All red cards are reported to CYSA-S.


No protests will be allowed and all games will be considered final. The Tournament Director will resolve any situation not explicitly covered by the rules. Disputes relating to the interpretation of these rules will be resolved with the field marshal and administrators/coaches that are registered with the involved team(s).Individuals may not represent a team if not registered as an administrator/coach with the involved team(s). Communication between Field Marshals and tournament staff will be with properly registered Team Administrators and Coaches only.



Pool play is followed by single-elimination leading to a championship round.

Duration of pool play, semi-finals and finals in minutes:




Ball Size

















All teams participating in the Tournament are guaranteed a minimum of three (3) games.

Semi-Final and Final games tied at the end of regulation will go directly to FIFA penalty kicks.

Running clock for all games.

Forfeits will be scored as a 0-1 loss for the team who forfeit the game.

Brackets with a round robin format will be determined by the 1st & 2nd place winners.

Brackets with wildcards are determined by the highest points depending on the number of teams in the bracket. Wildcards for brackets of 6 or 10 in which cross play is involved may play within their own bracket if 2 teams within that bracket are 1 of 4 wildcards at the discretion of the Tournament Director. The purpose is to play a team not already played in pool play OR as determined by the Tournament Director.

Team Standings from Pool Play will be determined by a 10-point system:

a. 6 points/win

b. 3 points/tie

c. 1 point/shut-out, including 0-0 ties

d. 1 point/goal (maximum 3 goals/game)

e. 0 points/loss

f. Minus 1 point/red card issued to player or coach

Ties in Standings from Pool Play will be resolved as follows:

a. Winner of head-to-head competition

b. Goal differential (Goals scored minus goals against, to a maximum differential of 4 per game)

c. Goals against

d. Goals scored (To a maximum of 4 per game)

e. FIFA penalty kicks, time and location determined by Tournament Director


All teams who forfeit will have the game(s) scored as a 0-1 loss. The winner will be awarded eight (8) points (6 for the win; 1 for a goal and 1 for a shutout). If, at the discretion of the Tournament Director, a forfeit provides an unfair advantage, the Tournament Director may make an adjustment in the bracket. Teams forfeiting their first game will be assumed to forfeit all of their games unless they contact the Tournament Director at least 3 hours prior to their subsequent games. Teams will forfeit for any of the following reasons:

  • Teams fail to check in at the required location, ready to play five minutes before the scheduled kick off time
  • Home team fails to produce an alternate color jersey if referee determines there is a color conflict
  • Teams fail to produce laminated player passes and/or coach’s pass
  • Teams fail to report to the field with the minimum number of players required to start the game (6 for U8, U9 and U10; 7 for U11-U19)
  • Coach is ejected and fails to leave the field when directed to do so
  • Coach is ejected and there is no other coach or administrator available
  • Game is suspended due to the misconduct of players, coaches, administrators, parents or spectators
  • There will be no refunds to teams who forfeit their own games.


Refunds: There will be no refunds given after the stated application deadline. Prior to the application deadline, refunds will be made less any administrative fees that have been incurred.

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